The Wild West within reach

What is the Wild Western week?

The Wild West is upclose. Whinnying of the horses, rumbling hooves of the cattle, bird whistle in the endless sheer and in the evening the quietly bouncing campfire – These are the things that waiting for you. In this adventurous week you can get familiar with the feeling of the western life-style with cowboys, their horses and you can try yourself in their tasks.



From those who live it on a daily-basis

What is a dream for you, it is an every day reality for us with serious challenges during our daily tasks. So maybe you will be given weird-sounding advice at first, but on the field everything will be clear when you start working with cattle…



Unique in Europe

Maybe there is no any other place in Europe where you can find a spacious area, with the appropriate knowledge and skills, legal background, safe environment and all the conditions which make it possible to try this experience.


No need to travel to the USA

Needless to mention that you will save your horse from huge stress and physical exertion as well as your pocket from financial strain.
The rushing herds through the vast fields and the unique flora and fauna will impress you both here as well.


Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya életkép

What is the schedule?

After arrival and the first meeting on Sunday afternoon, we will hit the thick of it on Monday morning – we guarantee that you won’t be bored.
We recommend you to warn your friends and family in advance that you will have limited phone availability this week, and the only thing you will be able to talk to them is  about equestrian topics…


theoretical lecture
–instincts of the cattle, communication with them
– work safety and efficiency

getting familiar with the horses, assessment of the horse and your riding skills
– we choose your horse to work with through out the whole week, according to your riding ability


maneuvering exercises: tasks of working with cattle
– now you can try it live what you have already learnt during the theoretical course – by learning the most effective movements

calf work exercise on track and on foot
– the idea may seem to be unusual, but if  you can’t solve the task on foot, in this case on horse back you have less chance…


calf works on exercise on track with horses
– the next level… what you understood and practiced on the floor the previous day, now you try it with a horse

ranch sorting exercise
– work with the cattle in pairs or in teams, a task in which animals are herd from one place to another


field work on horse back
– we ride out to the field, where we check the herd and perform ther current daily tasks about the cattle: it will be a real ranch work

campfire night out in the Nature
– Yes, this is serious. Don’t leave your sleeping bag a thome…


field work on horse back
– after dawn we continue our daily tasks from the previous day, while listening the chirping birds

relaxation, massage, tub bath
– after working hard we can enjoy our well-deserved rest which is a part of life…


Wild East
– Hungarian herds man show and Archery

visit a race or going home
– if we are lucky enough, we have an opportunity to see how the professionals do it, what their tricks and tactics are

Benő Fekete –

I am the dreamer and creator of Fekete Lovastanya. My family has been involved in animal husbandry for generations – and I’ve longed to live in the world of horses since I was a child. At first, a few thousand sheep stood in the way of it, but now our horses are in separable companions in the work with the cattle living freely on our pastures. Did I say I love them?

– Viki Angel –

Novice cowgirl, a general trouble maker and a problem solver. Most importantly, I will be your host, responsible for logistics tasks – including your dinners, forexample. I am on the other side of the phone if you call the number below.

– Barna Győrfi –

It is often said about me, that I’m the real larrikin, tough cowboy (who started riding with pub tours anyway). I have been racing since 2006 and then saddled up for education: in addition to riders, I have been training western horses for 20 years. I especially love working from the ground – it’s good to whisper! My motto is “Don’t try. Just do it.”

Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya szállás
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya szállás
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya marha hajtás ló háton
Fekete Lovastanya szállás
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya szállás

The next event:

2021.06.27. – 2021.07.03.

The most exciting week of the year with your horse.




accommodation in double rooms next to the riding stables


full supply (breakfast-lunch-dinner)


professional programs, fee of instructors (6 hours a day professional session…)


horse forage (participants feed and clean their own horse)


comprehensive accident insurance


additional programs

1.500 € / person / week

(if you participate with your own horse)

1.800 € / person / week

(if we provide the horse)

“It’s Texas in Hungary, perfect place and very very great rodeo”
– Ron Drenth

“Great place,wonderful people and loveliest horses!”
– Andrea Gyori Muresan

„Sweeping organization, short transitions, cultured circumstances far beyond the nature of the event.”
– Gábor Fekete

Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya életkép
Fekete Lovastanya életkép

Let’s get started!


Fill out the form below, give us a call or email us.


We receive your application and contact you within 24 hours.


We discuss the details and finalize your application.


Within 24 hours we send you the contract you have already signed and the fee request, which you can pay by bank transfer within 8 days.


The participation fee and the contract arrive to us.


We send you a confirmation and a detailed info letter.


We send you a reminder 30 days before the event (with mini-tasks in preparation)


We send you a reminder again 8 days before the event.


You arrive on the specified day and we welcome you.


We spend a stunning week together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes!

Aren’t you enjoying yourself? If you inform us within the first 24 hours of the training that you would be leaving the party, we will refund the full participation fee. Also in the rest of the training we give you  aproportional payback.


What happens if the pandemic misses an event?

You can choose to get a total refund within 8 days or arrange another date.

What do I need to know about health insurance?

There is an airport next to the site, and the Szentes rescue helicopter station is near by too. Therefore you can receive the fastest and the best possible care in the event of any serious accident. A proper accident-insurance is also part of your package, but of course all of us do our best to avoid any emergencies.

When does the application become final?

Your application will become final up on signing the contract and paying the participation fee.

How long and under what conditions can I cancel my paid application?

You can cancel it for free until the 30. day before the start of the training. In between the 30.-15. days we will refund 80% and within the last 15. days the 70 % of the amount you paid.

It is for individuals or team can apply too?

Both can. The maximum capacity of one Wild Western Week is 6 people.

Can I take my dog with me?

We also welcome your dog and you can take him on the adventure if:
–he/she is well-trained and you can control it
– can stay in a kennel
– you feed him/her with your own dog food
– does not accompany you to your accommodation and to the field (cattle are often offensive to dogs)

Fekete Lovastanya életkép

Do you still have any further questions?

Feel free to call us or write to us at any of the contact details below and we will be happy to help you!

Phone number

+36 30 667 2080

Where can you find us?

Leaving Kiskunfélegyháza on the Alpári út, turn right at 1 km far away from the end of the settlement sign – where you can see the horses as well. Turn right on the access road and you can park your car in the designated horse car park.